YouTube Creator's Field Guide & Resource eBook

2 ratings
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YouTube Creator's Field Guide & Resource eBook

2 ratings

This guide is Pay What You Want/Free; join more than 1,000 other creators that are improving their channels! Now published on Amazon as well! (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07818MNXY)

"An excellent and comprehensive getting started guide to anyone considering YouTube creation, especially in gaming.” -crschmidt


I aim to reduce the growing pains for as many YouTube channels as I can. My goal is to delight you with an abundance of value to your channel! Grab it for free and see how it serves you (you can always come back to pay what you want later).

I've assembled a large volume (>80 pages) of excellent resources available for starting a YouTube channel, or Twitch streaming channel. I touch on each of the major considerations for your creation adventure. For more experienced creators, this can serve as a reference guide to keep track of valuable references and resources and refer back to them as needed. 

Some topics include:

1) Keys aspects of growing a successful channel

2) Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO), better search rankings: how to fill your title, description and tags with relevant information

3) The best microphone for the job: USB vs XLR? Condenser vs Dynamic? 

4) Getting the most out of your audio: noise reduction, compression, and more

5) Channel design considerations

6) The best resources available to creators: software, music, stock footage, and collaborations

7) What to do when you hit the dreaded, yet inevitable slump

8) All the many, many little improvements I wish I knew when I started!


I've offered this in a free/"Pay What You Want" regime to reach as many creators as possible with as little friction as possible. Grab it free and see how you like it. If you find some value in this guide, I'd ask that you pay proportional to what that value was for you and your channel, and what you can afford (you can come back to pay later if you like). As a benchmark at what this might retail for, the "For Dummies" guides go for $20-30. I like to think I provide you with that level of value (and if not, let me know what's lacking!).

1/2 of all PWYW proceeds will go to Child's Play Charity as a part of my annual Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta charity event, because the gaming community can and will continue to make a difference in children's lives.

For those who deem to pay, I've a 100% Money Back Guarantee: contribute whatever amount you like. If you don't feel you've gotten your moneys worth, we'll reimburse you, no questions asked. This offer is good forever.


Thanks and enjoy!

<3 Morjax

I want this!
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